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According to mystics, the spherical shape symbolizes infinity. Christmas balls are a symbol of eternal nature and the infinite number of human possibilities.

They mean harmonies.

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Handmade Christmas Tree Glass Baubles Balls

Beautiful handmade Christmas tree decorations. Traditionally made of blown glass, which is decorated with paints and finished with various types of glitter. Patterns of Christmas baubles are unique and made by myself in the Kesibaart workshop. The production of Christmas balls is carried out according to the traditional procedure developed in the 19th century in Europe. Modern materials allowed to creatively develop the design and quality of workmanship. One thing remains constant, the spirit of Christmas.

Collection of Balls

Lantern Hanging Glass Bauble Ball Tealight Candle Holder

The lanterns are hand blown from borosilicate glass.They are highly resistant to temperature changes, which means that the glass will not break if we light a candle inside. Made of transparent glass and decorated with transparent ornaments, thanks to which it gives a colorful effect around the lantern.Classic elegance on every table, can shine all year round.An ideal element of decoration for various celebrations such as weddings, holidays or home decor.The lantern spreads not only light, but also a warm atmosphere around it.

Colllection of Lantern

Unique Glass Faberge Egg Style Ornament Decoration Art

The Faberge egg is a jewel-encrusted egg created by Peter Carl Faberge, commissioned by the Tsar in 1885. Based on the style of this 19th-century artist, we created our own Christmas tree decorations, the idea of which was to illuminate this most important family holiday. This is how we created our own patterns of Christmas decorations based on the style of Mr. Faberge. The advantage of this type of decoration is the fact that it can be a permanent decoration of every home throughout the year.

Collection of Faberge Eggs

Christmas Tree Glass Hanging Figurines Decoration

We have created our own original patterns of Christmas decorations. The patterns are based on ideas sometimes taken from fairy tales and sometimes related to Christmas. These are hand-made figurines of blown glass, painted and decorated with attention to detail. Each of us can spice up our Christmas tree with such a figurine. Undoubtedly, the Christmas tree looks much more interesting, and our little ones have even more fun from Christmas. What we sincerely wish everyone.

Collection of Figurines

Let's Talk About Us

The passion for creation consumed my soul, which is why each pattern on the bauble is the work of the heart.

The patterns of my baubles decorated the exhibitions at the Historical Museum in Krakow, Poland several times.

Our baubles are hand-made, from glass blowing, through painting, decorations, to packaging the finished products. Patterns and decorations on the baubles are the result of the work of artists and decorators who care about good quality and precision.

After 50 years, I missed my Christmas holidays with my parents. Anna helped me make my dreams come true.


It was worth having such a beautiful Christmas tree. Thank you.


Christmas balls from KosibaArt are magic. Thank you very much.